Monday, January 13, 2014

Week # 19 Sup family and friends!

January 13, 2014
Sup family and friends!
So today for P-day I roll out of bed, grab my towel shower, do personal study, waddle over to the bakery, say hola to the woman that always calls me gringo, and I just say hello and she just laughs. I buy my two normal breads, give her 10 pesos, get dressed for soccer, grab my backpack, walk down the street saying buenas dias to everyone I pass, and get to the church. We talk about how awesome it is when a prophet just planches (or in other words very very frank and stern and almost rude) people of the church. Really in the church we don’t know how real the gospel is sometimes, and its soo cool when he planches you haha. I read a talk this morning about how the missionaries in the beginning of the church took the Book of Mormon lightly and Ezra Taft Benson just destroys them. He said they brought all of the children of Zion under condemnation, and it just smacked me right in the face cause I take the Book of Mormon lightly so I felt like crap. So that’s all good, now I’m cleaning my laundry and emailing and that’s usually just a P-Day for me, nothing too cool haha. Idk why I wanted to share that.
Anyway we had another super dope baptism this week and she only has 10 years old. Her name is Michell her parents aren’t even members and they didn’t want her to get baptized but she told them, “I’m getting baptized” and they were just like “okay whatever”, but they came around. They were way stoked for her, and I hope they get baptized too. She is such a great example for me cause I was such a shiz head before my mission. I wouldn’t have done what she did. She’s so strong it’s awesome!
Well I’m still doing good, I almost have 6 months in the mission but who’s counting right. WINK WINK. As we speak I am just destroying so many mosquitos it’s pretty cool. I’m still in the area with the giant sewage pond and there are tons of bugs, and dogs, and drugs, and fights, so that’s super sick. I love and miss my family and Utah and the snow but the mission rocks! You learn some super cool stuff here.

Well until next week my darlings.

Elder Rodabough

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week # 18 Happy New Year!

January 6, 2014
Happy New Year! 

I will officially be home next year! So that is pretty cool. I think I am going to get transferred pretty soon, so that will be good. I’m ready for a change, changes make the time go by so much faster. I love my zone and my area though so that kinda sucks. I have met and grown pretty close to some very amazing men in the mission. 

So New Years here is crazy I cant believe how hard people go on new years. We walked down our street in front of our houses and there were 3 people passed out on the sidewalk, just straight dormiendo on the side walk. Even the people who live below us went so hard and we just sat there and ate quesadillas for like 3 hours and played card games and went up to bed at 10 o’clock.  I set my alarm for 11:58 and when it went off I jumped on my companion’s bed and just jumped on his bed so hard he was bouncing everywhere, and was soooooo angry it wasn’t even funny, but he got over it and I gave him a hug and went back to bed. And that’s how I spent New Year!

So stoked to see how great my friends and family are doing in the missions. Ty my zone leader is from the D.R. and he speaks crazy but I like it, and can understand haha. But here it is such lazy Spanish and they have so many dichos, and crazy weird sayings that are only from Mexico City. It’s called chilango and it is crazy and doesn’t make sense like ¿Que Show? It means what’s up, its just weird stuff like that, but I like it me cae bien. 
But anyway I love you guys so much! See you next year and talk to you next week!

Your Elder Rodabough