Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(Week 104 in the mission field) True Love #79 of posts

So I've been reflecting on the last 2 years I have been in the mission and I have come to the conclusion that I am in love... I love being a missionary. I love the last 2 years I have spent dedicating myself to the work of salvation. It has been the biggest honor for me to represent my Savior and redeemer Jesus Christ. I have loved the up times and the down time. I love putting on my white shirt my tie and name-tag every day and going out looking for people that God has prepared. I love the satisfaction that I feel seeing people change and conform and obey to the commandments.

I love Mexico. They have the most genuine people in the entire world. Yes they have tons of shortcomings and things that I don't like but those things are few. I consider myself Mexican and it has been absolutely amazing to live with them for the past 2 years. The Mexican people love our Savior Jesus Christ, even though they have a different way of showing it here. They are so ready and willing to make changes in their lives, and it makes me so happy to see that the words of ancient Book of Mormon prophets are coming to pass.

I love every single one of you guys. For supporting me in the hardest 2 years of my life. Its been hard but it has blessed me more than I will ever know. I am so grateful for my loving parents who have helped me through every part of my mission experience. I have the best parents ever. best brother and sister too they have supported me endlessly too:) I really don't have to much to say other than I am super nervous to come home, but at the same time super excited to see my family and put all the things I've learned here in the mission in practice. Really has been the best 2 years of my life. 
A little planking and final fotos with the zone. 

Love you all 

Elder Rodabough

Monday, July 20, 2015

(102 weeks in the mission fiels) Week # 78 of posts So 2 weeks Ehhhhh???

Life is just strange right now... The fact that I now have 13 days left until I'm home didn't hit me until this weekend. Let me explain porque.

So on Saturday we had the conference with the President with like 4 zones so it was awesome. Normally I'm not to stoked about the conferences with President cause you listen for like 5 hours and President tells you how you should work, and you leave feeling somewhat crappy. But, not this time it was just really good I feel very good with how I'm ending my mission. I had a very personal experiencia. During the first months of my mission I wasted tons of the Lords time and mine. I tried having my feet in both worlds. I wasn't obeying the rules and I was trying super hard to have success as a missionary. And as I was ending the mission I was doubting that the Lord would accept my sacrifice.

In Matt 20:1-16(if you haven't read it, YOU NEED TO READ IT) is the parable of the Workers in the vineyard. President shared this account in the conference. The owner of the vineyard paid everyone the same people that worked the whole day got the same as the people that only worked a couple hours. When I share this account and meditate about it every time the Spirit testifies to me that God is happy with what Ive done. I really wish I would've worked 100 percent of the time, but I learned a great deal about who I am and what part the Atonement has in our life here on earth. 

This goes for all of you, doesn't matter whats happened in the past if you've wasted 1 month, 18 months or 18 years the lord will forgive you the same. Satan wants you to feel worthless that the changes you are making in your life don't count and that God isn't even looking or it isn't enough. It is enough and I testify that the Atonement works the same as it would for a bishop, as would it work for a drug addict of 30 years.

I know that God lives and that Christ is our Savior. He died for me and for you. Don't wait to make changes. I've made changes and it was hard but the peace I feel now. God knows us better than we know ourselves. I love you all and I will write my last letter next week. 

Love you all Elder Rody.

Monday, July 6, 2015

(100 weeks in the mission field) Week # 77 Cuantos Años Tengo Realmente

So this week in Elders Quorum I was super impacted by the lesson. The last couple of days I have really been thinking about the life I've lived thus far and what type of person I'm going to be in the future.

In Spanish when you ask someone how old they are you say "cuantos años tienes?" (how many years do you have) and people always say" I have 21 years" or whatever. But, in reality we don't have any years. We only have the amount of time that we have left to live. I feel like we focus on how much time we´ve wasted or how old we are instead of thinking about what we can do with the time we have left. 

As Priesthood holders, and all members of the church we have a huge responsibility to be worthy at all times, and to bless all around us. In my 2 years here in Mexico I have seen miracles happen on the daily, and it's opened my eyes to whats possible when we live in the moment. But, not just live in the moment, but to take advantage of every moment and live it to the fullest. 

Like I said it hit me hard and made me want to do better in my everyday life. I hope that you guys can find a way to apply it to your own lives and truly take advantage of every moment.  
Love Elder Rodabough