Monday, July 20, 2015

(102 weeks in the mission fiels) Week # 78 of posts So 2 weeks Ehhhhh???

Life is just strange right now... The fact that I now have 13 days left until I'm home didn't hit me until this weekend. Let me explain porque.

So on Saturday we had the conference with the President with like 4 zones so it was awesome. Normally I'm not to stoked about the conferences with President cause you listen for like 5 hours and President tells you how you should work, and you leave feeling somewhat crappy. But, not this time it was just really good I feel very good with how I'm ending my mission. I had a very personal experiencia. During the first months of my mission I wasted tons of the Lords time and mine. I tried having my feet in both worlds. I wasn't obeying the rules and I was trying super hard to have success as a missionary. And as I was ending the mission I was doubting that the Lord would accept my sacrifice.

In Matt 20:1-16(if you haven't read it, YOU NEED TO READ IT) is the parable of the Workers in the vineyard. President shared this account in the conference. The owner of the vineyard paid everyone the same people that worked the whole day got the same as the people that only worked a couple hours. When I share this account and meditate about it every time the Spirit testifies to me that God is happy with what Ive done. I really wish I would've worked 100 percent of the time, but I learned a great deal about who I am and what part the Atonement has in our life here on earth. 

This goes for all of you, doesn't matter whats happened in the past if you've wasted 1 month, 18 months or 18 years the lord will forgive you the same. Satan wants you to feel worthless that the changes you are making in your life don't count and that God isn't even looking or it isn't enough. It is enough and I testify that the Atonement works the same as it would for a bishop, as would it work for a drug addict of 30 years.

I know that God lives and that Christ is our Savior. He died for me and for you. Don't wait to make changes. I've made changes and it was hard but the peace I feel now. God knows us better than we know ourselves. I love you all and I will write my last letter next week. 

Love you all Elder Rody.

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