Monday, June 30, 2014

Week # 35 The world cup kids

June 30, 2014

Subject: The world cup kids
So I thought when Mexico lost the world cup there was gunna be like riots and all that jazz. I was pretty prepared for the riots and lighting cars on fire all that stuff. But I don’t know. It’s just cool being in a place that literally their religion is soccer, and it opens a lot of doors for me because I played. We didn’t have hardly anyone in the church Sunday because of the game. We were walking home and we could hear people screaming in almost every house when Mexico was gunna score, or when they were going to get scored on. Everyone wears their jerseys and everything is about the world cup I’m not gunna lie, its hard to work with the world cup going on haha.
         But anyway the work is going by well and I am making my last 3 weeks here count we have had a lot of success here in this area and the ward is great. It’s so hard to leave an area after being here for 6 months. I feel like in a sense it is like leaving my family all over again. Break my lil heart every time. The ward Real Del Bosque is the best and it will be hard to leave. Its weird when on your mission you don’t want the time to go by fast. My mission is going by way to fast it sucks.
              Well guys I really don’t have that much to write this time, I just hope everyone is doing good and if your not watching the U.S Game tomorrow you can’t say your an American.

With love,
GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Week # 34 Go USA

June 23, 2014

Subject: Go USA
So in the mission the area presidency passed a new rule, stating that we can’t get together for activities or other things in large groups. We can’t be in groups more than 4 missionaries so it completely sucks. I guess it’s a new rule because missionaries are being robbed when they are in big groups, so we should only be in groups of 2 or 4. This rule practically destroys everything I have ever learned in my whole life, that groups=safety. 

             But whatever all good so we started playing soccer at a local field with a whole bunch of guys and it gets pretty crazy. They call me "Alemania" which means Germany in Spanish because I told them that the reason my last name is so hard to say is because it is a German last name. And they have never seen a gringo (white person) play soccer and actually be good so they think I’m actually from Germany because they have this idea that everyone from the USA can’t play soccer... BOO! But it doesn’t matter! I destroy them, and they just don’t say anything anymore haha.

          Well this week was good I found Lucas again. He escaped from the house he was living at and started following us again, all day, so that was nice. We went to the visitors center and it was so good it just reminds me so much of Utah its nuts. The whole state of Utah just feels different than anyplace on earth. I love it.

        The mission is just great and we are working really hard! We should be having changes soon and I think I’m going to change wards, and get a new companion soon so that sucks because me and my companion are working hard and having a lot of success. He is my hommie, he’s too cool!
BTW Go USA! They are killin it at the world cup right now. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for them against Germany. I want USA to go far this year!!!!
Love you all

Monday, June 16, 2014

Week # 33 This is a story of how a dog changed my life.

June 16, 2014

Subject: This is a story of how a dog changed my life.
Yes you can build a life long relationship in 2 days

So this week I would like to explain how a dog changed my life haha. So I was just walking down the street contacting people and I saw a dog. That is how it all started. I whistled him over and he came over. I started petting him and we bonded immediately. He looked thirsty so I took him home, and gave him some water. He followed us around for the rest of the day; he waited outside of all our visits we made. So the night ended, and I didn’t feel like I could call myself a disciple of Christ if I left the dog outside in the cold whilst I slept in a warm bed so I did what any human with a heart would do, and I let him come in our house. 
     But he smelled horrible because he is a street dog, so I decided out of the goodness of my heart to give him a shower. I threw on some clothes and we jumped in the shower but this dog hated the shower. So I threw him in an arm-bar, and I bathed him until he smelled like roses. I dried him off and felt a good sense of satisfaction. Gave him a few hot dogs and we went to bed. He decided that he liked the bed of my companion, so he slept there the whole night. When the alarm went off he got scared and went pee on my companions bed haha. But thanks to my quick thinking I put a shiz ton foot drying powder to dry it. All good!!!

So long story short I had to say goodbye cause I guess there is a rule that says we can’t have a dog. So I don’t know what was harder saying goodbye to my family, or saying goodbye to Lucas (yes, his name is Lucas) 

He changed my life. 

The mission is good
Love ElderDawgConnections

Monday, June 9, 2014

Week # 32 Just Straight Murder

June 9, 2014
Subject: Just Straight Murder

Well I feel super bad for not sending out mass emails, but the Mexican government likes to take packages away from poor little missionaries like me for sending beef jerky in a package...But oh well what can we do haha? I tried getting it back but they just said that I would need 1,500 dollars to take it out so I was just like yeah just destroy it then. 

So the mission is super good right now. President is changing a lot of things up. Before I became a district leader it was a pretty laid back calling. Now he changed that up, and now the district leader has more responsibility than the zone leaders. So I feel like I’m not teaching as much as I used to because I have so much I need to do everyday. So I don’t know, it’s not to bad being district leader but its way better to just be a regular missionary. But I am learning a lot as district leader though...

Well anyway we are just murdering our area right now. Killin it! We have tons of investigators so many I don’t have time sufficient in the week to teach them all!!! We baptized 5 people last week on Saturday. A family of four that I have been teaching for a while, they are probably the strongest family in our ward so it was super dope to be part of their conversion. Then we baptized the mom of a kid we baptized like 2 months ago, and she is super happy, and she just talks all the time about how content she is and how complete she feels... The mission is great!

My companion and I get along super well and he is great, super cool. He is a super fast learner and he can testify siempre withe the spirit. He gets offended pretty easy though so I cant joke with him as much as my other companions. He’s just a tender little boy I guess haha.

Love you all and miss you all a ton.

Love Elder PranceswithGazels