Monday, June 23, 2014

Week # 34 Go USA

June 23, 2014

Subject: Go USA
So in the mission the area presidency passed a new rule, stating that we can’t get together for activities or other things in large groups. We can’t be in groups more than 4 missionaries so it completely sucks. I guess it’s a new rule because missionaries are being robbed when they are in big groups, so we should only be in groups of 2 or 4. This rule practically destroys everything I have ever learned in my whole life, that groups=safety. 

             But whatever all good so we started playing soccer at a local field with a whole bunch of guys and it gets pretty crazy. They call me "Alemania" which means Germany in Spanish because I told them that the reason my last name is so hard to say is because it is a German last name. And they have never seen a gringo (white person) play soccer and actually be good so they think I’m actually from Germany because they have this idea that everyone from the USA can’t play soccer... BOO! But it doesn’t matter! I destroy them, and they just don’t say anything anymore haha.

          Well this week was good I found Lucas again. He escaped from the house he was living at and started following us again, all day, so that was nice. We went to the visitors center and it was so good it just reminds me so much of Utah its nuts. The whole state of Utah just feels different than anyplace on earth. I love it.

        The mission is just great and we are working really hard! We should be having changes soon and I think I’m going to change wards, and get a new companion soon so that sucks because me and my companion are working hard and having a lot of success. He is my hommie, he’s too cool!
BTW Go USA! They are killin it at the world cup right now. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for them against Germany. I want USA to go far this year!!!!
Love you all

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