Monday, June 9, 2014

Week # 32 Just Straight Murder

June 9, 2014
Subject: Just Straight Murder

Well I feel super bad for not sending out mass emails, but the Mexican government likes to take packages away from poor little missionaries like me for sending beef jerky in a package...But oh well what can we do haha? I tried getting it back but they just said that I would need 1,500 dollars to take it out so I was just like yeah just destroy it then. 

So the mission is super good right now. President is changing a lot of things up. Before I became a district leader it was a pretty laid back calling. Now he changed that up, and now the district leader has more responsibility than the zone leaders. So I feel like I’m not teaching as much as I used to because I have so much I need to do everyday. So I don’t know, it’s not to bad being district leader but its way better to just be a regular missionary. But I am learning a lot as district leader though...

Well anyway we are just murdering our area right now. Killin it! We have tons of investigators so many I don’t have time sufficient in the week to teach them all!!! We baptized 5 people last week on Saturday. A family of four that I have been teaching for a while, they are probably the strongest family in our ward so it was super dope to be part of their conversion. Then we baptized the mom of a kid we baptized like 2 months ago, and she is super happy, and she just talks all the time about how content she is and how complete she feels... The mission is great!

My companion and I get along super well and he is great, super cool. He is a super fast learner and he can testify siempre withe the spirit. He gets offended pretty easy though so I cant joke with him as much as my other companions. He’s just a tender little boy I guess haha.

Love you all and miss you all a ton.

Love Elder PranceswithGazels

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