Monday, June 30, 2014

Week # 35 The world cup kids

June 30, 2014

Subject: The world cup kids
So I thought when Mexico lost the world cup there was gunna be like riots and all that jazz. I was pretty prepared for the riots and lighting cars on fire all that stuff. But I don’t know. It’s just cool being in a place that literally their religion is soccer, and it opens a lot of doors for me because I played. We didn’t have hardly anyone in the church Sunday because of the game. We were walking home and we could hear people screaming in almost every house when Mexico was gunna score, or when they were going to get scored on. Everyone wears their jerseys and everything is about the world cup I’m not gunna lie, its hard to work with the world cup going on haha.
         But anyway the work is going by well and I am making my last 3 weeks here count we have had a lot of success here in this area and the ward is great. It’s so hard to leave an area after being here for 6 months. I feel like in a sense it is like leaving my family all over again. Break my lil heart every time. The ward Real Del Bosque is the best and it will be hard to leave. Its weird when on your mission you don’t want the time to go by fast. My mission is going by way to fast it sucks.
              Well guys I really don’t have that much to write this time, I just hope everyone is doing good and if your not watching the U.S Game tomorrow you can’t say your an American.

With love,
GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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