Monday, July 7, 2014

Week # 36 Word up Kidzzz

July 7, 2014

Subject: Word up Kidzzz
So lately I have just been super into Opera and I have been practicing in the apartment. Probably one of my hero’s of life is Luciano Pavarotti. Every time I just throw La Donna E Mobile and I just sing along, and it is just a great time. I’m really getting good at Opera. I may have found my calling in life, hahaha. I think my companion thinks I suck though but I think I sound good.

       Another good week in paradise (concrete Jungle), pretty stoked for today because we are going to eat at president’s house cause we kick booty, and we are awesome and baptized a ton the month of June! So president invited us to eat at his house. This is my second time eating there and it is always insanely good just home cooked American food. Sometime I miss American food and gangster rap. They go together like apple and pie. So yeah, we are pretty much the bomb Elder Penagos and I. Jk just am super blessed! It really is one of the coolest things to be part of this work. To have these people always remember that it was us that helped to change their lives, and the lives of their families and anyone else they help in missions or just whenever they share the gospel. The domino effect if I’ve ever seen one. Yeah so life is just good.

          Maybe I just wont come home…. So I have probably 2 weeks left here in this area and I have met some really good friends that are like family to me Familia Ortiz, some of my converts are some of the most real loving people I’ve ever met, and Hermana Gabby, Alejandro, Pamela, Jessica, are people that I will never forget. Just thinking about leaving them hurts my soul. Just love the mission really. But miss the family and friends and mountains. But I can totally do another year here. But love you all
Will be turning 20 on Saturday super weird too. Love you all God Bless and talk to ya’ll next week.
Love, your favorite Taco,
Elder Rodabough

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