Monday, March 24, 2014

Week # 24 Come what may and love it! -Joseph B. Wirthin

March 24, 2014
Subject: Come what may and love it! -Joseph B. Wirthin

So I don’t know if anyone even reads these anymore, but maybe it can relate to just one person. So as you all have figured out is that I am pretty much my own generation of missionary, and I haven’t decided if that is good or bad. I have changed a lot, a 180 degree turn actually for the better, and I like who I am. I never realized how being surrounded all the time with other people actually affected me, and changed who I am. These 8 months I have been on the mission have literally changed my life and I have 16 months to go. Hardest 8 months of my freaking life. But for sure the coolest 8 months of my life. 

           You just have to live it, I guess, life sucks and life rocks! If life always rocked we would forget what rocks, cause it is just always a good time it just becomes the normal. The suck is what makes the "Rad" actually "Rad". So come what may and love it. That’s gonna be my motto I decided. I am just not gunna worry, just come what may and make the best of it. Suck the juice out of every second. Drink, #differentkindofthirsty I will continue to live this way forever. And I will not lose focus because of where I am at now. 

To be honest I’m so out of touch right now its so dope! I have literally no clue what is going on in the United States. My spanglish has taken a turn for the worst I cant hold a normal conversation with a person that speaks english without using spanish words, so thats dope. I can’t even begin to think about how bad its gunna be when I finish my mission. Just got straight shocked by this whacked wire. And these fat mexican men are just saying all the swear words in Spanish, but I love it here. Life is a great journey and people want to rob you of that by making you worry about things that don’t matter and I’ve learned.

The work is so good we will have 3 baptisms this week in our ward so that’s super good. All super good converts. Me and Vasquez are killin it here in Real Del Bosque. 

Love,  Elder Rodabough

Monday, March 3, 2014

Week # 23 F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out)

March 3, 2014

Acronym of the week: F.O.M.O Fear of missing out. One of the things I worry about most is the fear of missing out. So this acronym has inspired me to live more, and go do things that I normally wouldn’t do. I need to live this moment more fully. And that is my dare to you guys this week. Having the fear of missing out is one of the best "fears" we can have because it inspires us to live more in the moment. Then you notice things that you’ve never noticed before. This is what God wants for us, is to live every moment. He wants us to notice every creature that crawls on this earth. Enjoy the beauty of every mountain, every wrinkle of every face, everything on this earth is for us to either learn from, or enjoy. We should even enjoy the times that suck because we need to know the suck to realize the good. That is my semi deep thought of the week.

So this was the fastest week of my life. And it was super dope. Well I have good news and bad news... I will start with the good cause I like the good news more. I had a great week and learned a lot, and we had a great time at the visitor’s center with our investigators. Many of them saw the temple and could feel the power and the holiness there. Many had the desire to get baptized when they saw the temple so that really strengthened my testimony of the temple. So that’s the good news! 

      Now the bad news. Totally just got straight out robbed this week haha. We were straight walking down the Lopez at 5:30am, in the morning with the sisters, taking them to the taxi station because one of the sisters had a doctors appointment. Then two hommies (strangers, never seen them in my life), straight flexin on the curb stood up and told us to go over and face the wall. And out of nowhere a car just pulls out of some alley and a guy hops out of the car and grabs me, and the other two grabbed my comp, and pushed us against the wall. The freaking guy that had me was pretty ripped but I had like a whole foot on this fella so I was tempted to try to fight him (and this was my thought process). My comp is mui tai champion and he would knock out the other two guys, and then save me from the other guy haha. But, the spirit was just like "take it easy" and it was a super strong feeling/voice so that was cool. We didn’t bring anything besides like our cell phone, and keys so they were outa luck. My comp had his planner and that’s it. So they pretty much chose the wrong people to rob. The guys took the sisters scriptures and I was like screaming for them, and the guy that had me was at the car with all the stuff they had robbed from us. Then, I asked super loud for the scriptures and the guy at the car just looked at me, and pulled out a pistol from the back of his pants just like in the movies, and pointed it at me… so I thought I was dead. So I just straight turned around and waited for him to either shoot me, or leave. The longest 20 seconds of my life but the guy just left and I didn’t die, so this is actually more good news than bad haha. 

But anyway that was pretty rad, but anyway kids I love you and will talk to you next week. 

Love your cellphone-less Elder Rodabough  
P.S. I’m the white sheep in an all black fold son!!!! (minus the other white kid but he doesn’t count)