Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week # 59 Slept on the roof every night this week.

So this week was good.
Felt like I'm hitting a wall so I decided to switch things up...
So I slept on the roof, badabing.

Was a crappy week...
Alejandra is smoking again, so that sucks. We are gunna visit her with the bishop this week. We got 6 of our investigators stolen by the pirate like sister missionaries I was mad. We are having a meeting tomorrow so that's good.

Good news though is that we had 6 of our investigators in church and we will be baptizing 2 of them in the next 3 weeks. So I'm hyped about that.

Just feeling a lil tired lately, and feel like I'm hitting a wall. Just after like 18 months of work I feel like I'm hitting a wall, and everything takes a giant effort. So gotta break this wall down, and that is the goal of this week is to get back on my grind. So wish me luck not a lot to report other than this.

Oh and BTW Ty sends me the ugliest ties and I love them haha.

Elder Rodabough

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week # 58 Rody and vomit stories

So just starting right into it. This week I have had dreams about horses everyday, so might invest in one when I get back. It was just another week here in Mexico, had some really cool experiences though.

But had more goods than bads for sure. So good week actually.
So its funny how the Lord works and how he answers our prayers and lets us know Hes there. So this week I was super worried about Alejandra, the girl we baptized last week. I was praying one night and I remember asking specifically that she wouldn't ever go back to smoking. So the next day we find her at her house and we walk in and it reeks of cigarettes. And we get to talking and she's like "Rody, can I have a second in private I need to confess something," I was like, "sure hermana whats up? Then she said "I tried to smoke today, I took one puff and for the next 5 minutes I was vomiting uncontrollably."I was so hyped cause she said she can't smoke even if she wants to. 

So cool how God works in mysterious ways, and how he can and really DOES listen to every single one of us.

My comp is a good, and does some stuff that seriously buggs. Only negative thing imma say.

Big shoutout (probably only 3 people actually read these) but just wanted to wish my sister a happy 11th birthday I mean 17th birthday. She is the best and cutest sister ever, and I'm so blessed to have such a gorgeous angel in my life. So I hope she had a wonderful birthday. Love you so much baby sister.

Well Tah Tah 

Love Elder Rody

Soulja boy is here in Mexico

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week # 57 Sick again and Elder Riveros my little child

So this week was super good cause we baptized Alejandra and her little boy. Was a super good baptism we had a huge turn out and the spirit was super strong the whole time. So Alejandra hasn't smoked in like 3 weeks which is so sick because she had such a hard time putting it down in the first place. Now she says she has zero desire to smoke again which just makes my lil heart snap. 
Out of anything that I have done in my life the mission has been my coolest accomplishment. Seeing people change their lives, and the lives of entire families is the coolest thing ever. This is real success and real joy watching the Savior work miracles everyday through me. The fact that I am on week 3 of being sick, and can still go out and work hard is seriously a miracle. So amazing to be part of this amazing work.

My companion is actually pretty cool. His trainer was really different from me and he said he had a real hard time his first 3 months because he didn't enjoy his mission. So I am trying super hard to make the work as fun as I can for him, and give him a good taste of success, (already baptized 3 sick!!) through working hard and loving the people. He is a little weird cause I just have no clue what he is thinking or what is going through his head, he just always has a blank look on his face. But, occasionally he will just pull some funny comment out of no where and I die laughing. But I'm just stoked to be a part of his mission. 

Elder Always Humble

These fotos doe

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week # 56 Taking over the world.

Super good week last week. We had an investigator quit smoking and now she has 12 days without smoking. She's been smoking for like 43 years, and she was smoking 2-3 packs a day so we gave her a priesthood blessing. Then, ever since she just can't even handle the smell anymore, and now she has cut them completely off and is going to get baptized this Saturday! So hyped. So cool to see the power of God work, and see the changes people make in their lives. She is going to be a great member of the church, and I am so grateful to have taught her and see her grow so much. 

So my companion, Elder Treviño, is now gone. : ( and I have another latino companion his name is Elder Riveros, and he is from Peru so thats tight. He has a really weird spanish accent. He talks really slowly compared to the mexicans here haha. Elder Riveros has 3 months in the mission and President pulled me asside today and told me that this was a special assignment, haha because I guess this elder never wanted to go on the mission and is having a really hard time cause he's super shy, and doesnt talk, so president says I need to save his mission... #nopressure. So I'm stoked he seems nice but he's a little different, but i am going to help him anyway. I can and will do my best to change his mission and probably his life. I'm pumped!

Well not much really to say I'm still in the same area.

Weird to think I only have like 6 months left.... sad day

Also took over the world on new years! What did you do?
Elder Rodabough