Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week # 58 Rody and vomit stories

So just starting right into it. This week I have had dreams about horses everyday, so might invest in one when I get back. It was just another week here in Mexico, had some really cool experiences though.

But had more goods than bads for sure. So good week actually.
So its funny how the Lord works and how he answers our prayers and lets us know Hes there. So this week I was super worried about Alejandra, the girl we baptized last week. I was praying one night and I remember asking specifically that she wouldn't ever go back to smoking. So the next day we find her at her house and we walk in and it reeks of cigarettes. And we get to talking and she's like "Rody, can I have a second in private I need to confess something," I was like, "sure hermana whats up? Then she said "I tried to smoke today, I took one puff and for the next 5 minutes I was vomiting uncontrollably."I was so hyped cause she said she can't smoke even if she wants to. 

So cool how God works in mysterious ways, and how he can and really DOES listen to every single one of us.

My comp is a good, and does some stuff that seriously buggs. Only negative thing imma say.

Big shoutout (probably only 3 people actually read these) but just wanted to wish my sister a happy 11th birthday I mean 17th birthday. She is the best and cutest sister ever, and I'm so blessed to have such a gorgeous angel in my life. So I hope she had a wonderful birthday. Love you so much baby sister.

Well Tah Tah 

Love Elder Rody

Soulja boy is here in Mexico

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