Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week # 59 Slept on the roof every night this week.

So this week was good.
Felt like I'm hitting a wall so I decided to switch things up...
So I slept on the roof, badabing.

Was a crappy week...
Alejandra is smoking again, so that sucks. We are gunna visit her with the bishop this week. We got 6 of our investigators stolen by the pirate like sister missionaries I was mad. We are having a meeting tomorrow so that's good.

Good news though is that we had 6 of our investigators in church and we will be baptizing 2 of them in the next 3 weeks. So I'm hyped about that.

Just feeling a lil tired lately, and feel like I'm hitting a wall. Just after like 18 months of work I feel like I'm hitting a wall, and everything takes a giant effort. So gotta break this wall down, and that is the goal of this week is to get back on my grind. So wish me luck not a lot to report other than this.

Oh and BTW Ty sends me the ugliest ties and I love them haha.

Elder Rodabough

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