Monday, July 28, 2014

Week # 39 Back on the Slack Kiddzz

July 28, 2014
Back on the Slack Kiddzz

So today is Monday (obviously) and we set up the slack line with a couple elders from Fuentes (the area that borders ours) and I am addicted. Never got the chance before my mission to try it out. So we set it up in the church and we had like 40 people watching us, and contacted all of them and it was soo sick!!! Such a good way to contact people, who doesn’t want to watch 4 white people balancing on a rope between 2 trees? Good idea gunna try it out more often!

          We practically live with a family here in Mexico they are all members except for the mom. She’s like a mother to me; she helps me when I’m sick. She helps us wash our clothes, feeds us like every night. But a couple weeks ago after hearing the missionaries for like 2 years without any luck, we started talking with her and invited her to church. She’s never been to church. Well long story short this is her 5th Sunday in a row coming to church, and she knows the church is true so thats super sick! She is going to get baptized, I think, we just gotta ask her, but I am waiting for the perfect opportunity then BAM imma pounce and get her in the water. She is so nice and I love her a lot. It will be very hard to leave this family.

          Well next week I complete a year in the mission so that’s even weirder. I love the mission and the Mexican people sometimes I actually forget I’m white. So that’s also weird. Mexican food is the best food in the world. And everything is better with tortillas. So that’s it life is good. Miss the family a bunch and friends and mountains still, but I will be home super soon though. Just gunna keep livin and enjoying the dream though.

Elder Rodabough

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