Monday, June 16, 2014

Week # 33 This is a story of how a dog changed my life.

June 16, 2014

Subject: This is a story of how a dog changed my life.
Yes you can build a life long relationship in 2 days

So this week I would like to explain how a dog changed my life haha. So I was just walking down the street contacting people and I saw a dog. That is how it all started. I whistled him over and he came over. I started petting him and we bonded immediately. He looked thirsty so I took him home, and gave him some water. He followed us around for the rest of the day; he waited outside of all our visits we made. So the night ended, and I didn’t feel like I could call myself a disciple of Christ if I left the dog outside in the cold whilst I slept in a warm bed so I did what any human with a heart would do, and I let him come in our house. 
     But he smelled horrible because he is a street dog, so I decided out of the goodness of my heart to give him a shower. I threw on some clothes and we jumped in the shower but this dog hated the shower. So I threw him in an arm-bar, and I bathed him until he smelled like roses. I dried him off and felt a good sense of satisfaction. Gave him a few hot dogs and we went to bed. He decided that he liked the bed of my companion, so he slept there the whole night. When the alarm went off he got scared and went pee on my companions bed haha. But thanks to my quick thinking I put a shiz ton foot drying powder to dry it. All good!!!

So long story short I had to say goodbye cause I guess there is a rule that says we can’t have a dog. So I don’t know what was harder saying goodbye to my family, or saying goodbye to Lucas (yes, his name is Lucas) 

He changed my life. 

The mission is good
Love ElderDawgConnections

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