Monday, May 26, 2014

Week # 31 Well I guess Honduras is cool too hahahaha

May 26, 2014
Subject: Well I guess Honduras is cool too hahahaha
So when Grant got his mission call I just started crying and this little Mexican girl was like "are you okay sir?" hahaha super funny. I had a feeling he was going Spanish-speaking haha. So siiiickk now we can all just go hard in Spanish when we all get back. Dang, too pumped for him! He is gunna kill it in Honduras. That is where they are going to need him the most is where ever he is called. Too weird that all my best friends are moving on with life. I hope the best for every single one of you guys, and you are all included in my prayers.

Well this week just is super duper crazy boring we are having a lot of success in our ward though! It’s cool to see your work paying off. It started out with 80 people going to church every week like 4 months ago, and the difference now, we have 150 160 people going to church every week!!! We moved the relief society out of their room because we can’t fit all of the investigators .We have like 30 investigators in the church between the 3 companionships. Just working super hard and God is blessing us like crazy. Probably the happiest time in my mission, just love helping people we are just doing service like crazy. I feel so bad for my little boy Elder Penagos cause we are doing so much service, its awesome.

We are going to be baptizing a bunch of people soon we have a family of 4 that is the strongest family in our ward, bringing people to church, going to all the activities, and just loving the church. We are going to marry a couple soon and they are going to be baptized. We are just working super hard trying to get whole families into the temple, Edgar one of the converts, decided to go on a mission and is just waiting to complete his year in the church and then he can go! So Stoked the mission is super tough, but so much cooler than it is tough.

Love all you guys and Happy Queen Elizabeth Day and Memorial Day haha.
Love your home boy, Elder SlitherswithSnakes

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