Monday, May 5, 2014

Week # 29 Call me big papa

May 5, 2014
Subject: Call me big papa
So last week I became a dad LOL! After about 9 months in the mission I gave birth to a 140 lb, 19 year old baby, named Elder Penagos, he’s Colombian haha. He’s pretty siick, scared out of his mind, and doesn’t say a thing when we are with investigators, so I just put the companionship on my back and carry the team to victory! I am teaching him Mexican Spanish, so that’s cool. We are working super hard. My companion got sunburned which is funny because he is Latino and I didn’t think they got sunburned, but you learn something new everyday right. 

Side note: this keyboard sucks... 

We had a good week its weird being the one that makes the decisions and your comp just follows you! But we are working really hard, but we aren’t robots so thats sweet. We go walking through the forest by our house when we study so thats super sweet just to study in the fresh air. 

We found a new family of 8 that we are teaching. Recently their father/husband died so we are teaching them about the plan of salvation, and the spirit was super strong. They are going to go to church next sunday so I’m excited, too excited! The work is crazy here I feel like I am in the promised land of missionary work, so many people are accepting us we found 12 new people to teach this week. God is really helping me out in my time of need.

Lesson of the week look for the tender mercies, for example finding mac and cheese at the grocery store.

Realment estoy muy agradecido para tener personas como ustedes en mi vida, a veces me gustaria tener personas un poco menos chido en mi vida porque a veces les extraño mucho. Muchas gracias por todo sus oraciones y cosas que hacen por mi.

Love Elder fallswithrain

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