Monday, May 12, 2014

Week # 30 Didn’t cry too much this time

May 12, 2014
Subject: Didn’t cry too much this time

So just going to start out by saying, and I’m sure you all know, but I have the best mother ever. I had the best mothers day ever too! Thats weird to say but mother’s day I think is my second favorite holiday of the year (at least for these 2 years hahaha). So good talking to my family, they are the life. I am super grateful to have the family that I have, they literally are the raddest ever. 

So kind of a boring week just had like a bunch of meetings and we painted a whole house, so that’s always fun. I’m learning how to speak Colombian from my companion. And I bet you didn’t even know they had a separate language, but they really don’t, their Spanish is just super freaking weird. They have an accent that throws the curve ball at me on the daily, I think my companion thinks I have hearing problems cause I’m always like, “what did you say?” hahah. So there's that. We are still tearing it up hear in Real Del Bosque.

Well on another note too hyped to find out where Grant is going on his mission, I’m sure he’s going straight to Africa Ghana mission! That is whats on the forecast from Elder SoarswithEagles (aka Rodabough). He’s gunna destroy wherever he gets called, God knows where to put him. But really though I am probably more excited than he is haha. Love that kid.

Just loving the mission it really is great to learn all this stuff like Elder Measels wrote, learning a language, forgetting yourself, and finding yourself at the same time is the coolest thing ever to experience.

Love you all, ElderSoarswithEagles

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