Monday, February 9, 2015

Week # 61 Temples and bloody Sunday

So another super great week in Mexico City:)

So this week was probably my most obedient week in the whole mission. I literally obeyed with exactness and worked so hard. I am determined to divide this ward. I don’t care if the members don’t want to work; I am gunna carry the freaking ward on my back. I am workin super hard on not taking no for an answer, and I am just in a moment when I have less than 6 months left and its time to just destroy the last part of my mission. I’m just hyped.

Worked super hard found a bunch of new people to teach and just hyped to see the work progress in this ward.

I have officially 18 months since I’ve been to the temple and it sucks... First day I’m home I’m going to the temple. So glad to live in a place with so many temples I’m going to go everyday I swear. SO blessed to be a part of the church:) I know the church is true, working hard has strengthened my testimony so much:) I love the work and love my Savior and our Father in Heaven more than ever.

Bloody Sunday is because we had 16 people who SAID they were going to go to church. And zero came... LIFE!!!

Your Elder Rodabough

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