Monday, November 18, 2013

Week # 11 Hello my darlings!

November 18, 2013

      Hello my darlings! So what the fetch I think everyday this week has been monday. I felt like yesterday was monday. The weeks are flying by, holy crap. I already have 2 months in my mission field. 4 months total. Like when I think about it, I feel like I am going home tomorrow. I am really enjoying the work, it is really repetitive and its hard not gunna lie but the growth I can feel in my spirit and my knowledge of the gospel. And some other crazy things that I know I would never have ever learned without serving my mission. It is going to be so dope when I get home and I can tell people yeah I served my mission in Mexico City. And when I get to talk to the Mexicans in America in Spanish. The mission has changed my life the people you meet, the things you experience. Just crazy shizz happens on the mish and you cant help but look and laugh at how truly crazy, ghetto, awesome, scary, or how much God truly loves you.

        I had some priorities pretty mixed up when I was back in the states and when you're in the middle of it you really do think that you know what’s best and you have all your crap straight, then when you take a step back for a couple months you realize how stupid you were. Like family, college soccer, traveling the world, hanging with friends, girls, buying a dog, building a log cabin, living in the woods, cell phone, instagram, twitter. These are all things I thought of when I was deciding whether or not I was gunna go on a mission, all these were reasons why I wasn’t going to go. Things change, crap happens, you lose friends, you miss your family. But things that you are passionate about will still be there when you get home. Same with families, friends, the wilderness, log cabins, girls, dogs, just all these things. But I am so grateful I am here right now cause I have learned so much, about what is important in life, for example, when I get home, the first thing I do is when I get home I am going to ask my parents and my brother and sister to go on a drive up the canyon, and I am going to sit in the middle seat in between my brother and sister and we are going to listen to James Taylor, or U2 while we go up the canyon and have a picnic. (I think only my family will get why I said this haha) But yeah we get so focused on the worldly things that we forget to this is the time that we here to prepare to meet God. Most people who think this may not be important is because they don’t have a testimony that there is a god or about the gospel. 

        But anyway that is my preaching for the week. Everything is going great, we have more investigators and more work than is good for us. My companion was telling me some scary stories last night. And he told me about this time when him and 3 other missionaries saw a crazy shadow demon thing and he couldn’t move and it just stood there hovering over him and the other missionaries, and they couldn’t move or speak but then it was all of a sudden gone. They blessed the house and nothing ever happened again. After he told me this story we dedicated the house cause holy fetch I was freaked haha. Yeah but a lot of crazy crap happens on the mission haha. 

        Yeah love you all and I want to hear from more of you I miss my friends and family, write me por favor. Send me pictures they are my favorite ever.!!!!!!!!!! Talk to all you cool cats in a week!!!!!!!! 

PS. Ty live it up in the MTC where you actually get to see white people and talk in english some times. #thefieldiswaydopethough

Elder Rodabough

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