Monday, November 25, 2013

Week # 12 Local Grocery Store

November 25, 2013

Yeah so this week went by really slow and I was strugglin cause it was fetching thanksgiving and I didn’t do crap, then saturday I walked into the local grocery store and they were freaking playing Mariah Carey’s Christmas or something. We listen to that album every year during december and I got so dang trunky after I heard that... I want to share some of my feelings about being away from everything for 2 years. I feel like I’m going to come home and not be the same person, not to toot my own horn or anything but I want to be just as rad as I was when I left. And now as I’m writing this I realize how lame I am being. Of course things are going to be different, and shiz I will be more rad than when I left cause #1 I live month to month on a living of 100 dollars (#rad), #2 I will speak spanish, #3 I will have devoted all I have for 2 years of my life to the Lord. #4 I experienced a different culture, #5 i am doing some serious soul searching here, and I am learning more about myself than I would have ever been able to.

I think almost all of my homies will be gone; almost all of them are already gone. I think I have 4 friends that actually write me, which sucks, but I am more grateful for them even more now. I just hope they don’t forget cause 2 years is a long time. I don’t have 2 years anymore I almost only have 1 year and a half left like where did the fetching time go I feel like a left last week dang!!! My friends are so important to me. I would give me life for my friends, and sometimes people who you think are your friends just forget about you which sucks. I will always be here for anyone that would ever need anything. Good thing I have family right? They are #1 homies and I love them more than I could ever explain.

             Well I hate ranting so I think I decided on what i want to do after the mission; I want to get into search and rescue I think. I really like just sitting and pondering, what I would give to be alone right now haha. My comp is cool, he is really a good missionary though and he’s has taught me so much about life and the mission its nuts. I can speak pretty fluently and I can understand casi todo. So yeah he’s great my area is great but I’m ready for a new one. Had a beyond nuts experience last night way to crazy to write on here but lets just say that I know for a fact that the devil is real, but I also know for a fact that God will always have power over the devil, but if you want to hear this story talk to me after the mission and I might share it with you haha. 

Well family and friends I love you guys and talk to you all next week chao!!! 

-Always your Homie Elder Rodabough

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