Monday, December 2, 2013

Week # 13 Feel Free To Write Me Tons

December 2, 2013

I am pleased to announce I have left the nest ladies and gentlemen. I am now a man. (Mom please don’t cry)I am no longer a greenie in the mish, I am just another missionary wahoooooo!!!!

Well fetch I don’t even know what to say I don’t want to bore you people to death. I am doing really well the work in my area is booming we have great investigators we should have a lot of baptisms in December if the people will fetching go to church haha. The time is really flying, like no manches really fast, but at the same time if get a pit in my stomach because I have 20 months haha, seems like so far away, and its really hard because its Christmas time and all I have is little Elder Ahumada to spend the holidays with haha.

It brings me a lot of peace thought to know that my most of my best friends are serving the Lord with me. I pray for the health and the safety of the people I love that are out serving the Lord or are preparing to serve. I also pray for the safety of my family and friends, always be safe we never know when we will be called back to our Heavenly Father. But I know that if something happens I know that we would see each other again. But yeah I just love my people ya know!!!!

We had a 3-hour lesson with Karina yesterday. My comp literally didn’t say a thing. We just cried because she doesn’t want to change, but we just talked about the atonement and she noticed a lot about how much she has changed already, and yeah she decided to change so now she has stopped smoking and other things. She really is so gosh dang strong; she has been through heck and back no lie. She will be baptized really soon and I cant wait to see how far she progresses we are also teaching her boyfriend so that is dope too. Hopefully all turns out and she can go to the temple one day!!!!! That would rock my world.

Well folks I’m out for the week feel free to write me tons, love you all and until next time!!!!!

Elder Rodabough

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