Monday, December 9, 2013

Week # 14 Till next Monday

December 9, 2013

Sup familia y amigos! Another dope week ladies and gentlemen. I feel like my letters are getting lamer and lamer by the week haha. Well I have really good news and good new and bad news... which one first okay okay I will tell you the really good news first.

Really good news! We finally had our first baptism this week, which was dope!! She pretty much just cried the whole time. Her name is Janet and elder and I started teaching her English and gradually got into the gospel gosh we are so smooth. We taught her all of the lessons and then we realized she is out of our area so we had to let the hermanas teach her the rest haha. But yeah she wanted us to baptize her so that was really awesome. We should be having 3 more baptisms on the 21 of Dec. What a great way to celebrate Christmas!!

Good News- I bought a hammock and it is probably the best thing I have ever purchased. It is hand made and it is the softest most comfortable thing ever. I sleep in it every night and I think I will for the rest of my mission, possibly my life, it literally is the bomb I am so stoked!!!!!!

Bad News I love Christmas and I miss my family and setting up the tree. And the music and the family, and the dinners and the family, and the lights ohh and did I mention the family? But yeah only 1 more time I have to go through this so that is good. But I’m loving the mish don’t get me wrong!!!!!

So yeah all the Mexicans and other elders talk smack on me cause I just kick major trash at soccer here in Mexico, and all the Mexicans think they are soo good when I just wreck them so thats always fun. I play probably more than I did when I was back in the states! Its great. Well I love you all so much and here is a photo from the Baptism with Janet. Have a good week all my fellow brothers and sisters!

      Throwin up the dueces till next monday -Elder Rodabough

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