Monday, December 16, 2013

Week # 15 You Only Get To Do This Once

December 16, 2013

So I just read Austin Measles letter and I literally just laughed for 5 minutes straight while I read it hahaha, Sounds like my area kind of. The Mexico MTC is like 1 billion times nicer than anything in my zone haha. But it makes me feel a little bit better knowing that I wasn’t the only person to get smacked in the face by the culture shock. But man is the work worth it, I felt like I could never do this for the first two months, no lie. But now you just get used to "the suck" I cant believe people live like this their whole lives, dang we are so spoiled in America. I get to go home to my king sized bed, my air conditioning, my carpet, my dyson vacuum, my car, and a hot shower in about 19 months. It seems like a long time but from the moment you step into the MTC you cant say I have 2 years left of my mission. 

You only get to do this once. It is such a rad feeling knowing that you are standing with the only perfect person that has ever lived when you serve a mission. This is a really humbling time but man so worth it. I only get to put on the tag like 550 more times... then I will never be able to do it again. With my wife yes but thats different haha. 

Well I will have 3 baptisms this week finally! I will be baptizing one I think if my prez gives me permiso. So all our converts call us "mi elderes" and it is such a weird feeling I love it. Seeing the change in people’s eyes, and spirit. One of our investigators the one I will baptize has stopped drinking, smoking, broke up with her boyfriend, all from the things that we have shared with her. I can tell you people seeing people change not for you, but because they can feel the happiness and peace that it brings into their lives. I love seeing people change, into better, cleaner people. I could not ask for more for Christmas. 

Well people next time I send out an email it will be the 23rd wassup so stoked I think me and my comp are gunna go caroling if that’s even how you spell it. I suck at spelling. But yeah I love singing and it would just be dope I think, but yeah you guys should go caroling so fun!!! Love you all until next week. 

Saluting you all from Mexico City -Elder Rodabough

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