Monday, February 3, 2014


February 3, 2014

So I got changed and it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I will probably never see some of these good friends ever again. I had to say goodbye to Karina, Sergio and Tsunamy yesterday. They were my best friends in the mission, and it wrecked me when I had to say goodbye to them. I got changed from the smallest area in the mission to the second largest area in the mission. It’s called Real Del Bosques its huge. I can’t believe that this place is only 20 minutes from where I was serving before. Here it is so spread out the streets are dirt, there are random horses tied to trees behind my house. We all just pile in these taxi things and they only drive on one street. We have a Wal-Mart in our area and like an outlet mall that is super dope. But the bad news is we can only go there and we need to pay 30 pesos each to get there cause it is so far away haha.

Well on a different note, I am horrified at the news of Cory. All I know is that he has a more important work to do up in heaven. I know he is with our Heavenly Father as we speak, and that almost brings me to tears because, what a beautiful moment to be reunited with our Savior and Father in heaven after creating a beautiful family, and serving his country and community. I know without a shadow of a doubt he is where he needs to be. Although it is super duper hard for a time, we will see him again. What is even sadder is that people don’t know they can live with their families forever. They think after this life that is it. 

THIS WEEK IS FOR CORY. I am going to work harder than I have ever worked before, so that people can know that families are forever. I will keep his family in my thoughts and prayers. 

Love you all,

Elder Rodabough

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