Monday, May 25, 2015

Week # 72 Pics are worth a thousand words (week 95)

Super busy week this week. I'm doing super good. Don't have a lot of time but church attendance has already grown, almost doubled since I got here in two weeks.

My companion is super siick. He loves soccer as much as I do. He likes to have fun and we both love to work really hard. We talk to a ton of people about soccer and it leads them in to talk about the gospel.

He is probs one of my favorite companions. We had 7 new investigators at church a 5 less active families. I'm feeling good about my mission.

Elder Rodabough


  1. He gets more handsome physically and spiritually all the time! The weeks are flying by now, aren't they? Once again, no dog......

  2. They are and are not as well, depends on the day! I know he must be very busy in this new area because he hasn't taken any pictures lately with the dogs. Trust me though I know he still seeks them out and tries to help as many as he can. Just his nature. Hugs to you.