Monday, May 18, 2015

Week # 71 Taking time to smell the flowers here in Rosas (pun) (really week 94)

So this week was super good. It was raining like crazy here everyday, and we are working super hard. President sent me here to pic this ward up cause it is like self-destructing to be honest. It was at like 80 people in church like 2 months ago and now only like 45 people are going weekly... President usually just sends me to hard ward to get people hyped and loving the gospel again.

My comp is sick we are seriously just joking around all day long in the street. And all the people in the streets that sell tacos or tortas all know us cause we talk to EVERYONE. We played soccer the other day and contacted 30 kids that literally love us now. 

We baptized a 85 year old lady that is seriously thee funniest lady ever haha. She had to get baptized face first cause she is so old she can't bend over it was awesome. She hugged me for like 5 minutes after telling me that she had a miracle cause she couldn't bend her legs, and she had a raging headache and when she entered the water she felt like she was way younger again. It was awesome. When she was confirmed she cried for like 10 minutes straight in front of the whole congregation. So cool.

We had a mission conference with Elder Christensen and Elder Piper. SO many amazing answers to my prayers. I don't have my journal so I can't write exactly everything but I will include them in the next weeks email.

Oh and yeah we took a selfie on my camera (foto cred. Graham) and it turned out sick.
And the baptism of Amparo.

See you guys next week Elder Rody

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  1. The power of love. God is love. Bless his heart. What a wonderful character and spiritual building experience is this. I am stunned at the face down baptism but it makes sense. When we are born we are face why not born again face down. Love this boy!