Monday, May 11, 2015

Week # 70 I love MOTHERS but I miss Elder Graham....

(Side Note From Mom; if I would have started his blog right when he left he would be at 91 weeks!)

SO today was changes and I finally finished my ministry here in Coacalco. I had 7 1/2 months there and I'm sad I finally left. I baptized 9 people there and its always super sad leaving your converts and members when you change areas. But, the good thing is that my comp and I are already hommies. He was in my district for a long time, and we are already getting along super great. It will be super sick to end my mission with him though. We are gunna kill it together haha.

Talking to the family was too amazing. It is just amazing to me how much the mission has changed me (and my brothers voice) it has just really put into perspective that family and the gospel are the most important things in my life and that's how it should be. I never get sick of talking to my family. I seriously love them so much I have the best family ever. It will be dope to start my own family some day.

Got to talk to the Graham family and they are super cool, and really nice. Graham got moved to assistant and he totally deserves it, he has helped me a lot personally and is a great example for me. And just a really good buddy. gunna miss the crap out of him not being in my area.

Had a couple of super powerful experiences this week but my words don't do it justice so you need to ask me about them when I get home...(another side note from mom: he tried on mothers day to tell us about these experiences and was so choked up, spirit so strong he couldn't even share them)
Pics: Daniella was baptized!!!!!!!!!!, And our selfie with the bishop haha, and the family I baptized like 20 months ago.
Love you all!
Elder Rody

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