Monday, April 27, 2015

Week # 69 Crazy Quince años! y Kimberly

   So this week was super fun lots of photos. I think this will be my 2nd to last week in this area. We went to a 15 year brithday party. So here the 15th birhtday is like nuts, they go hard, the godfather and godmothers here throw the parties and they make it awesome.

We were only allowed to go for like an hour, but it was just nuts like i cant explain. Elder Graham wanted to take pictures, so we like went in front of like 200 people to take a picture with this girl Daniella, SO AWKWARD. Just like 4 missionaries taking pictures in front of like 200 people just awkward as heck. Daniella is going to get baptized either this week or next:) so she loves the gospel a lot. She is going to be such a strong convert!
 I love the ward here and we are finding so many new investigators. We played soccer the other day and found 12 new investigators in 1 hour it was nuts:) I love soccer more than ever to be honest. I love the gospel more though, for sure. This weeks district meetings topic was humility. So I dressed up as a hobo and taught the class in my hobo suit. It was dope I will send pictures on Monday:)
I just love the mission the more the months go along. 

      Que tengan bonita semana todos! 
     Elder Rody

(side note from mom, he is a DL now) 




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