Monday, June 22, 2015

Week # 75 Fisico and Dread locks (98 weeks in the field)

Ward mission Leader update:

So this week we were thinking a lot about them. We decided to give them a break from their little girls, so we found a babysitter for the kids and gave them money so they could go to dinner and we bought them movie tickets to go see Jurassic world (the most romantic movie ever) to give them time to step back and see how they can have a better relationship. That all happened on Friday. Then, we had our meeting with the ward mission leader, and he and his wife looked much better. I'm sure that a dinner and a movie didn't solve all their problems, but I hope it gave them an idea of how they can follow the guidance of the prophets.

They have asked parents to take one night a week to go out and do something as a couple. Every time I think about it, it strengthens my testimony. I know that the prophets are inspired of God.

So this up coming week we are getting started with the baptisms we have lined up. The first one is a guy named Ismael. He is a physics major and is finishing his thesis on black holes. I don't know who is smarter him, or Grandpa David haha jk. But seriously so smart. At first he didn't believe in God, but he has gone to church the last 6 weeks in a row and yesterday he shared his testimony in Elders Quorum, and he knows the church is true, and that God lives. SO awesome he is like 6 foot and is a huge bear of a man. He has a huge beard and super long dreadlocks that have been growing for the past 23 years. Hes so sick. So cool to be a part of his conversion. 

I love this work and I'm so sad that it is all coming to a close. Today I started my last change. I am staying in the same area with the same companion. I love the gospel and I'm so happy that I have the opportunity of being a missionary in these last days. 

Elder Rody

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