Monday, April 21, 2014

Week # 27 WWlll Dog version

April 21, 2014
WWlll Dog version

So the good news is, is that I didn’t die in the earthquake. Bad news is, that I didn’t even feel the earthquake, so that kinda sucks. I’ve always wanted to feel an earthquake so not my lucky day. 

Well I just saw world war III outside, all these dogs were attacking each other and I think like 1 or 2 died, but I didn’t see cause I was inside getting my camera to video it. But then I thought to myself who am I really, Michael Vick, or a representative of Jesus Christ???, so I put the camera down. I’m sorry for all the people who wanted to see it though. It was like a brawl, but for dogs so that was pretty sweet.

Anyways… we had a super good week! This could be my last week with my homie and companion Elder Vasquez. We have pretty much baptized every week, so that’s super sick! We have a good relationship, we work super hard, but we have fun together too. We both like to pull jokes on each other, so I gotta be on my toes. I will be sad if he leaves (is that how you spell that kind of leaves??) but yeah we are gunna baptize another on Sat., super cool. We are baptizing a girl that had a total change of heart so that was super cool. She didn’t want anything at first, but she opened up and is such a strong convert. Her name is, well Fanny. She’s tight!!

Well the work is good. Just chillin chillin everyday. I Miss the mountains....... ohh and my family. Joke joke haha haha… laugh everyone.  Everyone I love you.

Elder flieswithfeathers 

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