Monday, September 15, 2014


September 15, 2014

 So maybe you all don’t know but I am amidst the most drunk people I have ever met, haha. Today and tomorrow are the “independence days” for Mexico and it is nuts haha. Mexicans go ham with beer and alcohol here. I literally have seen 20 dudes passed out on the side of the street. But, other than that everything else is super amazing! There is so much food, parties, and traditions its sweet. It will be interesting to see how crazy it will get when it gets closer to the El grito (the yell) where everyone just screams VIVA MEXICO at like 11 at night haha its so sick. 

Well as far as the work goes its going good the mountain man that I told you about last week that climbs and stuff that was excommunicated? He went to church for the first time in I don’t know how long, and hasn’t had alcohol, and is really changing his life around. Our ward has a lot of problems with rumors and stuff, and love to tattle tell on the missionaries. They think we cant have fun, like play soccer, play with the little kids with nerf guns and I don’t know, its just stupid. But oh well we are working on reuniting the ward and everything but there are only a few people who are dumb other than that the ward is so sweet!!

Other than that not, much more to tell you. I will have more about how my days of independence are here in Mexico.

But love you all, 
Elder Singswithmariachi

If you don’t know what mariachi is look it up haha

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