Monday, September 1, 2014

Week # 43 Changes Kiddy Kats!!!

Septmember 1, 2014
Changes Kiddy Kats!!!

So sorry I suck big time. I was super busy last week and didn’t have enough time to write an email. Today I was changed areas, to an area called Tlalnepantla, ward Tlalli. So I am here now in the area and we literally just ate at a five star restaurant with an anethsteeeeeziologist hahahaha. I have no clue how to spell that. And I ate a 21 ounce ribeye steak for the first time in a year and a ceasar salad, and it was a restaurant from Spain. My companion ate ribs but they were from a baby goat. I had a lemonade and I don’t know, it was just unreal so I think I am going to love this ward. The area is sick it’s got Costco, Wal-Mart, Sams club, and like tons of shops, and its all flat so I’m pretty stoked. My companion is Elder Cancino he is super sick, he likes soccer and playing the guitar. We live like 10 minutes away from a turf soccer field that the missionaries like, so we are gunna go play every morning for our workout from 6 to 7. It’s going to be so dope to play everyday again.

Well it was also insanely sad. My eyes are so dry and red from crying so much and saying good bye to my Mexican family, Hermana Gabby, Hermano Alejandro, Pamela and jessy. They have changed my life, and I am forever grateful for their hospitality, and love that they showed me and Elder Penagos. I miss them like crazy... They are family to me. But they are going to visit me here soon hahaha. 

But super stoked for Grant to be out on his mission, it will be cool to know we have the same purpose and we are doing the same thing even though we are gunna be freaking way far away. He is gunna kill it and everybody should spank his bottom before he leaves:)

Elder Rodabough

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