Monday, August 18, 2014

Week # 42 Good News!!!!!!!!!!!! Buenas noticias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 18, 2014
Good News!!!!!!!!!!!! Buenas noticias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week was a super good week for me. We found out that because of the missionary and ward mission work we are going to have to divide the ward because we don’t all fit in the building we are in! That is so cool for me to be able to see a ward grow so much in just 7 months. We have tripled the assistance of the ward, and have almost 50 new converts in the church! So, it is a great thing to watch the work of the lord coming to pass and helping to grow a ward so much that it needs to be divided:) When the ward and the missionaries work together we can do some super dope stuff:)

The other amazing news is that our neighbors, (the people that I always talk about in my letters) they are all members except for the mom her name is Gabby. She isn’t a member, she likes coffee, (NBD) and to work on Sundays. She was super offended from the sister missionaries and the other missionaries that were teaching her. She really didn’t even want anything to do with the church, but after talking with her for like 3 months, and sharing my own personal experience’s with her, 2 days ago she made the decision to get baptized!!!!!!!! It was such a cool experience to watch someone who has been listening to the missionaries for 4 years finally make the decision to get baptized. So cool to be the hands and mouth of God in this situation. Plus she is like a mother for me, cooking for us almost every night, washing our clothes, repairing them when they are damaged, giving us medicine when we are sick, and just laughing with us and being almost like a real mother for us. So cool to see!!! I love being a missionary:)
Hope everything is going well at home I love and miss you all::)
Elder DanceswithDolphins

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