Monday, August 11, 2014

Week # 41 Mexico... Sweet Mexico:)

August 11, 2014

Subject: Mexico... Sweet Mexico:)
So really this week not a lot happened. We haven’t baptized in a while, which is okay because we are helping a lot of people still. This week we found out that one of my converts here in the ward moved out of his house where he lived with his mother, and he moved in with his girlfriend... super sad to see satan working on him. He was going to go on a mission, and now he has a girlfriend that has a kid, and I’m pretty sure they are doing the dirty. So, it’s been rough to see someone who has such a bright future slip away from the path for a second. So, this week I am going to work hard with him and get him to go on a mission. This work that we do on the mission is way more important than any other thing we can do here on earth. President David O. McKay said that the greatest responsibility that we have on this earth is to be teachers of Gods children. So gotta work with him so that he can have this experience. As I am here it really does change lives of tons of people including the missionary! I am so grateful to be here in the mission field, and to be learning and growing so much here in the mission. I love it. Well don’t have to much to write but I love you all, and if you aren’t doing some super fun stuff this last week before school starts again you need to rethink your life:)
Love Elder GrowswithTrees

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