Monday, August 4, 2014

Cancer Sucks, but miracles happen! My letter to my dad...

August 4, 2014
Cancer Sucks but miracles happen!

Dear Man from whence I came,

So I've been thinking a lot about you and I lately and I just wanted to shoot you a quick message first off telling you how much I love and miss you:) I haven't had a lot of time recently to write well hardly anyone. But I wanted to shoot you an email. 

First off I am so sorry that this is happening with your dad. I can't begin to imagine your pain. I could not imagine losing you first off, and I'm sure you feel the same about your dad... But, as a missionary it is my job and privilege to share with you the plan of salvation. We are all going to die, I'm going to die, moms going to die, Jax (our dog) is going to die, it's part of life as you know. I personally do not feel it is grandpa’s time. Miracles do happen! My companion Elder Vasquez had a lady he was teaching that had cancer too. She had been diagnosed with only a few months to live and was concerned with her salvation, so she wanted to talk with the missionaries and get stuff straight before she passed away. My companion Elder Vasquez had the prompting to give her a blessing. In that blessing he promised her a long life, and that she would be healed from her cancer, he had no clue why he said that but was guided by the spirit to do so. Well they left and came back to visit her a few weeks later. She shared with him the following experience. She had an appointment to get treated again for radiation, (it was her 1st time ever doing radiation) when she got to the doctors and they were scanning her body the doctor said, "well your finished with your chemotherapy??" she said, “no this is my first time…” and the doctor responded with "well you are 100% clear of any type of cancer"! Later they did more tests, and could not find a single piece of cancer in her whole body. It was a miracle. 

There are 2 things that are necessary to have a real miracle take place: 
1. It needs to be the will of the Father.
2. We need to have faith and hope sufficient for God to bless us with this miracle because it will change our lives forever.

I feel and have faith that it is the will of the Father that grandpa will be healed, but my faith is not enough for it to happen. Grandpa needs your help dad, and he needs your faith. Grandpa needs to have faith in God, not the doctors. It's way easier to have faith in the doctors, we can see them, we can see them working and doing the best they can, but maybe that's not enough. We need the help of the master, we need the still hands, and mighty power of our Father in Heaven. Through Him all is possible! 
           We can read in the Book of Mormon when the sons of Mosiah who were rebelling against their father, an angel appeared to them. Do you know why that was??? The prayer of their fathers, they needed that miracle; they needed that angel to appear to go to change their lives. It was all because of faith and hope that it would happen. God may have another plan, maybe it's grandpa’s time, but maybe it's not. Lets have faith that he is going to live!  Because I feel he will! But it doesn't just depend on me or you, it depends on many people, especially grandpa. He cannot lose hope! Neither can grandma! Miracles happen, not just little ones, but huge life changing ones. Ones that will leave us saying "God lives"! 
Love hangin with my dad

Now talking about you and me. When I get home I want things to be different. I want a better relationship. Not that we had a bad one, but I don't think that it was as strong as it could be. I want to have a stellar relationship, I want to go on trips, go camping, fishing, do all these things like father and sons. You’re my example and I want to have a lot of experiences together. I feel like we are short just a few super amazing experiences. So be thinking about that cause its gunna happen when we get back. Lets go to Alaska. Sounds fun to me, and it would be cool for you to go back. I love you so much dad.

Your son,
Elder Rodabough 
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