Monday, October 6, 2014

Week # 47 BEST P-DAY EVER!!!!!!!!

October 6, 2014

Best P-day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So literally I can’t even begin to think about how blessed I am about my life as a missionary. God is always blessing me and protecting me and giving me TONS of tender mercies. Let me share one with you.

So as you know Grant is in the MTC here in Mexico. I have been terrified these past 5 weeks cause I haven’t had the opportunity to see him. I knew he was going to leave soon. But, I had an opportunity to see him at the visitors center tomorrow on Tuesday but we have our meetings at the exact hour that he was going to be there, so it would’ve been impossible to see him. All hope was gone. But, I was talking to an elder about it and he’s like dude my companion is going to the mtc to take photos with one of the branch presidents there. So, I found my way in. Well long story short I was able to see my best friend for like 10 minutes, probably one of the best ten minutes I’ve had. It was so hard to say goodbye though, knowing I wouldn’t be seeing him for another 2 years... But, it’s better than nothing that’s for sure. Just super grateful...

General Conference was amazing!!! I had so many personal revelations come to me. It was nuts. I love conference so much and there is always the greatest depression after it ends. It was the 3rd one I’ve had in my mission, weird. There were so many things said that inspired me to do better. I have a lot of room to improve, and I intend to, thanks to all the inspiring talks. We really need to stand firm in these hard times cause they are about to get crazier. 

I can stand as a special witness, that we really are in the last days. Christ will come soon. Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess. The church is true and I have never been so glad in my entire life to be a part of it. Love you all!

Elder Standsinforeigncountrieswithgrant

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