Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week # 3 Another dog....

September 10, 2013

Hey Mom if you even name the girl dog anything close to my name I will not come home from Mexico... But anyways I am doing pretty well here in the MTC its sucks though cause 4 out of the 6 guys in my district got their visas but not me. They leave tomorrow to fly to Vegas for a day to pick up the visas. The Salt Lake City Consulate only gives out so many visas, so we have to fly different place to pick them up. IDK when I will get mine... its really starting to get hard for me. First being sick then the thing that happened to my knee now me not getting my visa its really getting discouraging for me. But you know what I could give a shiz, I have sat in the same classroom for like 2000 hours so far no lie and I will be danged if I don’t get to Mexico. 

I am so jelly that you got another dog if you could send me a little dog in a package I would be set. I am lonely and super bored all the time. We talked to a guy that got back from the my same mission and he told me that people just crap in the middle of the street because the food will make you so sick that you don’t have time to find a bathroom. #nevertrustafart haha and he said that he saw people get shot right in front of him because right now the government is trying super hard to crack down on the drug cartel or whatever. They call it the conflict zone... but he said he never had a problem in Mexico City as long as your smart and don’t do dumb shiz. So it looks like I will be shot, kidding kidding. 

My investigators are super tough right now we taught hermano Breiden about 4 times and on our 4th lesson he said that he doesn’t believe in God anymore because why would God make his life so hard. So I shared with him about when my life was crappy was when I was farthest from so I called him to repent right to his face and he seemed shocked but he wasn’t mad. He was actually super humble and he said that he will pray to God and live his life in harmony with what we have taught. 

Our other investigator won’t pray so that sucks cause she can’t progress if she doesn’t pray. Everything revolves around her praying, so I have been praying for her.... I hope she will feel the efforts of my prayers for her. I miss doing the old things I used to do, but what I am doing here isn’t about me, and its been super hard, and no lie there have been a couple of times when I have just wanted to throw in the towel, and give up but for some reason I haven’t... My companion is so dang obedient it is so annoying, he tries to tell me what to do and I just shrug him off and do what I want. I have been good and I am super obedient, but this kid is like over the top obedient so annoying but anyway its all good only 3 more weeks or 20 days haha. Then I will be in the conflict zone. 

I have been missing dad like crazy these last couple of days he really is such a good man and tell him I am sorry for all the crap I have given him these last couple of years. I could not have asked for a better father. He is literally thee best and I am so blessed. Mom come on you know what I think of you, you are literally thee coolest, most young, beautiful, loving, raddest mom on the block, and I would not be on this mission without you. God is so proud of how you guys have raised me, He’s put you through heck and back but you’ve managed to come out on top, and He knew you would, I just know it. I am so grateful for what happened to you, and I am so glad that you never fell away cause this gospel is the only true gospel on this planet. We are all just a giant team. Me, my family, my friends, and everyone who is righteous VS satan and his devils. He’s such an idiot the battle is already decided we already won, but he wants to take as many precious souls with him as he can. SO EVERYONE STAY STRONG. Everyone likes to win why should the battle with satan be an different. We must remember who we really are. And we need to look at ourselves through God’s eyes. I know we can all do it, no worries. I love all of you and I cannot wait to see you again when I get back. Please stay strong cause I need you in the next life with me. 

 I love everyone,

P.S. please write me and email me everyone. 

Mom please forward this one to everyone. I love you to the moon and back. GO CAMPING its beautiful outside.

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