Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week # 4 Learning A Lot about Myself

September 17, 2013

Well its good to see that I have tons of emails to respond to on my P-Day.... #sarcasm, but anyway I am just gunna give you guys an update on how my week has been. I have been doing Physical Therapy 3 times a week. My knee is getting a lot better and I don't think I will have to get surgery. I haven't gotten my visa yet and I leave in 2 weeks from yesterday, so I hope I get my travel plans for Vegas this week or else I will be reassigned to another mission. Until I get my visa...but anyway its super boring here, and I am just stuck in the daily grind of things but things are generally good and I hope you all are doing well at home. I am playing volleyball everyday and I am getting way better. I play with these kids that played for college. 1 played for Dixie, and another kid played for BYU, and another played in Hawaii. They are insane so I really have to be on my game cause I don’t want to be the worst one on the court. It is forcing me to get better really quick. I think when I get home I am gunna tryout for a college club team or just a college team but idk. 

I am really learning a lot about myself. Stuff that I never really knew. I am a very independent person I realized I really like working out. Working out and praying to the Lord for help are literally the only things getting me through the day. I am struggling not being able to flirt, and really do things with girls, and I never really thought that would be hard for me. But it is. There are a lot of really cool sister missionaries though. I’ve met probably like 20 or so that are from all over the world from Paris, to the Congo, to Australia, to Russia. There are a lot of really cool sister missionaries. It always is a treat when you get to sit down and have a nice conversation with them. 

Another thing that has been super hard has been not being able to go up the canyon or hike or climb or anything. It suuuuuucks, when I get back I am buying a dog and a crappy old camper. I will just live in the woods and grow a beard and just be a mountain/beach bum. 

So, let me tell you the daily routine of what I do each day in the MTC. I wake up at 6:30, Gym starts at 6:35 I have gym till 7:25, and then we have 30 minutes for 6 of us to shower get dressed and be in the classroom by 8. And if we don’t we get chastised and they make us feel like crappy missionaries, but I could care less what they think hahaha. Then, we have personal study time till 8:50, and then we have 30 min for breakfast. So, we are back in the class at 9:15, then we have spanish class from 9:15 till 1:50, then we have 25 min for lunch then we are back in the class by 2:20.  We have gospel studies till 5:35 and then we do an online learning thing till 6:50, then dinner for 30 minutes. Then we have companion study and personal study in the classroom till 9. Then, we plan for the next day till 9:30 and we go back and have an hour before bed to study more or pray or MEDITATE!!! 

But the MTC is actually alright, it’s hard and I absolutely hate it, but it is good because I can tell it preparing me well for the mission field. We talked to a bus driver the other day and he said that Mexico City is the ugliest city he has ever been in haha. But he said the food is BALLIN. Everyone lies to us and says Mexico city is alright but we all know it is gunna be a whole new world down there. I am so excited to get out of this MTC and actually teach some non-members. I will have a baptism my first week in the field you watch. But anyways I gotta go I love you and I wish I had some emails to respond to, but I guess you all are just to busy haha. Well anyway. La iglesia es verdadera. Muchismo Amor 

-Elder Rodabough 

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