Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week # 2 Como le va!!!

September 3, 2013

Hola Familia, Como le va!!!

como esta? estoy muy cansado hoy... La CCM es muy deficil. Me compañero es beuno, im kiddign but i could go on and on in spanish. Thats all we speak lately. We committed Emilice to baptism and she said she would be baptized on the 21 of September. But guess what............. She is a teacher here at the MTC and she speaks perfect english i had no clue. The day after we invited her to be baptized she came into our classroom and gave us an evaluation about how we did and she said that she felt the spirit so strong when my companion and i were teaching. We got 2 new investigators Yesterday:) 

My zone and district are sooo cool. I love all of them. The food here is actually pretty decent. I’ve gained 20 lbs i now weigh 172 lbs of pure muscle. I look like a model. No lie. Kidding, we play volleyball everyday for PE I love it (sorry small tangent). Let me tell you about the investigators we have now.

The first ones name is Breiden Valencia, he was born in Mexico, in the city of Heramocio and he is studying at the UVU. He works at a music shop, he plays the guitar the piano the violin and is studying music at UVU. He is 21 years old and has a girlfriend that is pregnant with his child....(law of chastity will be taught don’t you worry). Our first lesson with him was yesterday and he was texting the whole time, and wouldn’t give us the time of day. So, I kept asking him questions to keep him interested, but he would give me 2-3 word answers in spanish that I barely understood it was a tough lesson we said he had to go 10 minutes into our lesson and that he wanted us to leave so i shared my testimony and he look right into my eyes and said thank you so much... I asked him if we could come back on wednesday and he said we could!!!! So stoked. He will be baptized I promise you. 

Our second investigators name is Natividad. She is 35 she has 3 kids all teenagers. She is a super nice lady, but her spanish is so fast and she is a little white girl that reminds me of a princess. I feel like she has never said or done anything bad in her life. She’s suuuuper nice holy cow. But the girl she is pretending to be is super shy and is always tired and it makes it super hard to get her to talk or do anything. I just talk and tell her about how much I suck at spanish and she just laughs. I can talk for like 45 minutes straight only in spanish I’m so awesome holy crap, kidding kidding no but seriously. 

My testimony has grown 10 fold since I’ve been here at the CCM. I mean MTC. I thought I knew a lot about the gospel until i got to here. I Know NOTHING but I learn so much everyday. Today we talked about how to receive revelation and I got theeee crazziest answer ever about my question. My question was "how can I know if I am truly happy in this life, and how can I share this with other people and have them believe me.... 

My Answer came in a rather weird way I prayed for like 30 minutes straight and I opened my eyes and I just had this totally sleepy relaxation and sense of peace that I’ve never had before... I haven’t really decided what it means but it gave me such a peace of mind and that feeling i got was just shouldn’t worry about it. The feeling that everything will be all right, and I just need to keep being obedient and listening to the promptings of the spirit.

Family and friends I just want to testify. yo se que neustro padre celestial es real, el jesu christo es la salvador por mi y ustedes. yo se que la expiacion es verdadero. jose smith es una profeta verdadero tambien. yo se que familias es eternas. yo tengo mucho amor por mi padre celestial. en el nombre de jesus christo amen. 

Please write me and send me stuff I love you all like you could never believe. La iglesia es verdadero. 


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