Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 September 24, 2013

Holy Moses the time is really flying! I only have 1 Year 10 months left of my mission!! I don't like the thought of that at all. I am really starting to fall in love with the work. I am really getting good at the language at this point but I’m sure when I get to Mexico I will be back to square 1 haha. But I know that God never gives a commandment without providing a way to accomplish the task. He has commanded me (also all of you reading this) to become fishers of men. Why would he ask this of us if he knew we couldn’t do what He has asked. I have 100% trust in the lord at this point. No matter how good I can speak the language or how simply I explain the doctrine without god and the spirit there is no way to convert anyone, as I write these words I am overcome with the spirit testifying to me that these things are true, and that if we just get into the right place at the right time, and are worthy of the spirit you WILL ALWAYS teach with the power and authority of God. This is not our work people this is Gods work, and he loves and cares about his children more than we can ever fathom!!

I would like to share a story real fast that was shared with me at a devotional from an Elder Bateman, a retired General Authority. He told us about a girl that left the MTC 5 months ago and wrote home this story..."We were at the Sacramento California regional Hospital getting routine check ups when out of the wooden doors a man was rushed in to the room next to us, doctors were shouting and nurses were flying everywhere, I knew the man was on his death bed. As I watched the doctors try to stabilize this man I saw the man breathe his last breath of air. He was gone; he died right in front of me. A few minutes later I saw the mans wife rush through the same wooden doors that the man came through not 20 minutes before I saw as she ran into his room, and saw her fall to her knees and started to cry, like only a person that has lost the love of her life cry. She began to shake his body begging him to come back and the look on her face was a look of despair, loneliness, and a sense of loss that she could never get back. But I knew in my heart that our message was one that could bring her back the feeling of peace and that families are forever. Before I could talk to the woman she was taken out of the room by hospital staff I felt horrible inside cause I never got to share our message with her. I was sick for days and I always remembered the woman. A few weeks later we were out knocking on members doors and it was almost time for us to return home. My companion suggested that we retire for the night but I was prompted by the spirit to knock on one more door. We went up did our normal routine asking for referrals and we asked if she knew about anyone that has received a loss recently. The member said that her neighbor had a husband pass away recently, my heart skipped a beat and I thought maybe this could be that woman, so we got her address and payed her a visit the next day. We went to the address that the member provided us, and the woman that I saw from the hospital answered the door, she let us in and we began talking to her about the passing of her husband. I told her that we were in the room next to the one your husband passed away in, she began to cry and I pulled out my journal and gave it to the woman and told her to read it and she began to sob even harder. I told her that we had a message from God, and that message was that she will see her husband again. The look on her face I will never forget. GOD DOES NOT FORGET ABOUT HIS CHILDREN! He wanted me to find this woman, and He needed her to feel the spirit and love of God and to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. God is real and wants everyone of us to return to him but we just need to listen to the spirit and act on his promptings."

This absolutely wrecked me. It hit home so hard for me because I was always so worried about the language or how well I knew the doctrine but ever since I heard that story I just find the needs of the investigator, and just say what I feel prompted to say and the holy ghost must speak Spanish because I for sure don't, yet every time I turn over and submit to the will of the Father I am filled with the words of God. I am no longer McKay Rodabough I am Elder R(do what God says and you will be blessed out the wazoo)odabough. Guys I love this work and I haven't even taught a real person yet. The time is already flying by. The MTC has really prepared me for the field, and it has kicked my butt hard. There were many times I just thought like why am I here or why don’t I just go home. But I have caught the vision, I am ready to forget myself, and not worry about anything else for 1 Year and 10 months from this day. I love the gospel and I would be a total different person without the gospel, and I cannot thank Jesus enough for the atonement. I want to encourage all of you to put off the natural man and stop with the things that are holding you back from being happy. Why do we add to Jesus's suffering in the garden, EVERY SINGLE TIME we sin we send a package to Jesus that says "first class delivery from Adam McKay Rodabough" That package adds to the pain that Jesus felt in the garden. Every time I am about to do something that I know to be wrong I think about what I am giving to Jesus. I love all of you and I cannot wait to hug and kiss all of you when I get home, but until my time is up I am going to change some lives first. I need people to feel that sense of peace and love that we feel everyday. I am hyped out of my mind to get out and to serve I’m pretty sure I’ve said that like 5 times already. But anyway I gotta go. I fly out on October 1!  Well anyway gotta go love you all more than you can ever know. 

La Iglesia es verdadero

-Elder Rodabough    

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